About Us

We are the first farm – to – table producers of Rosé Veal in Ireland and our Kilkenny Rosé Veal is reared to the highest possible standards on our family farm in Windgap, Co. Kilkenny.

Reveal the secrets of the versatile flavours and textures of this wholesome meat. Ideal for both the professional chef and the home chef.

We’re very proud of our produce and know that you will enjoy it!

Jack Hahessy Madigan:

The Madigan Family

The Madigan family have farmed on their land in Windgap, Co. Kilkenny for over 300 years. Jack Hahessy Madigan takes an innovative and modern approach to farming and is committed to an environmentally friendly philosophy where animal welfare is a top priority.

The Madigan Farm also produces Miscanthus, a perennial grass, which is sold to the local power station and converted to electricity. They are proud to produce more energy than they use and trap more carbon than they release.

Our Animals

Our calves are all sourced directly from dairy farmers across the South East. Raised on our family farm in Windgap, Co Kilkenny, they are fed a fibre-rich diet of hay, cereals, milk and spring water for 38 weeks.

The animals live in spacious housing with natural light and thick straw bedding. The welfare-friendly conditions our animals are housed in, produce the light pink colours and characteristic taste of Kilkenny Rosé Veal.